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#ClickFrenzy – The Sale The Nation Stopped
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#ClickFrenzy – The Sale The Nation Stopped

Click Frenzy and Christmas Frenzy Click Frenzy was billed as “Australia’s first national online-only mega-sale”. It was supposed to be the online sale that would get Australians shopping at Australian retailers, but technical issues meant for many, they were locked out. While not officially participating, in an attempt to hijack some of the online traffic, … Continue reading

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Qantas global shut-down is Virgin opportunity: @AlanJoyce is the new ‘@TheAshes’ Twitter mix-up

One year and 11 months ago, The Ashes cricket game between England and Australia was on and a 22-year old American girl was inundated with hundreds of tweets about The Ashes which basically crippled her ability to use Twitter in the way she was used to.  She was inflicted with the same problems celebrities have with … Continue reading

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Twitter launch 3 new features in 1 week: ‘activity’ feed tab, mentions tab change, new photo sharing

Twitter have been working hard on updates to the successful microblogging platform. In an attempt to be more sticky, and encourage users to engage more on the social networking site, Twitter has made two more changes in the latest release: The ‘mentions’ tab is now called ‘@username’ which Twitter says “offers a simple way to … Continue reading

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Social media and sport: How often should you update on Facebook?

People often ask me how often they should update their Facebook Page and I usually tell them two or three times per week. My belief was this week backed up by Facebook’s Director of Local, Emily White, who said, “the general rule is, you’re in pretty good shape if you’re posting three times a week. … Continue reading

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Social Media and Sport: Why it’s more important than ever for pro-sportspeople to get a good education

Sportspeople as brands Sportspeople can do things well that most of us can only dream about – kick, hit and throw things far and in a targeted way, run really fast, lift heavy objects or do other things that allow them to make a career in sport. However, while they may have a mental advantage … Continue reading